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Current Automotive Recall information

February 2016 - Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

August 2015 - Employee or Independent Contractor?

August 2015 - Masking a CDL licensed driver's traffic violation

July 2015 - Does an employer have to allow an employee to telecommute because of health reasons?

July 2015 - Is the assignment of benefits a patient signs at the Doctor's office, requiring an insurance company to pay the medical provider, valid?

June 2015 - Arson and a Vacant Home - Is there Coverage?

June 2015 - Can a Company Enforce an Arbitration Clause?

June 2015 - Daniels v. Huffaker: Is an owner of a vehicle involved in an accident liable when someone else is using the vehicle?

June 2015 - Motorcycle Safety: Recommendations from the Insurance Information Institute and Consumer Reports

December 2013 - What is a retail establishment's responsibility regarding the safety of its patrons? A recent case.

December 2011 - An Overview of Tennessee Law

October 2011 - Medicare Secondary Payment Recovery System Adds Self Service Information Feature

October 2010 - Glass Particulates in Methotrexate Injections Result in Recall

October 2010 - Fentanyl Transdermal Patch Recall

February 2010 - The Sophisticated User Defense for Product Liability Cases

Premises Liability/Spoliation of Evidence/Rule 37 Sanctions