Toxic Mold Litigation

Some kinds of mold can produce toxins. When these toxins enter into a person's bloodstream and respiratory system, serious illness and sometimes even death can occur. Aside from the damage to your health, mold is the result of water damage. Poor indoor air quality can cause adverse heath effects. Indoor air may be contaminated with microbes such as mold. Mold growth proliferates in moist, warm environments. Mold feeds on many building materials including sheetrock, plywood, wood paneling, ceiling tiles, insulations and carpeting. As we increasingly make our homes "tight" to save energy costs, mold related illnesses have risen. People exposed to mold may suffer sinus infections, allergic rhinitis, asthma and other related illnesses. A 1999 Mayo Clinic study found that nearly all cases of chronic sinusitis were caused by mold.

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